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Once again welcome to Stuart Beard.com

This website contains lab work, my projects and previous work, my blog posts and my lifestream from social media websites. Take a moment to learn a bit about me, what I do, and what I am interested in.

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Thank You

I just wanted to leave a quick note to thank everyone who has tried out LaTiKi. The evaluation period has provided us with some much needed user opinions on how we can improve our project and how we can take it further.

In the coming months we hope to develop this more effectively, and to eventually provide a powerful tool that the LaTeX community can use.

Many thanks again,



Sandbox version of LaTiKi

A sandbox version of LaTiKi is now available. Try out the demo here. Note you will need to register, and confirm your email address. Again any feedback of any kind is constructive. Have a play.


Announcing: The release of LaTiKi - First Beta

I am pleased to announce that LaTeX Wiki (or LaTiKi) is now available for download as a public beta.

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