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Edinburgh University RFC contacted me at the end of April in 2009. They had unsuccessfully had a website before that none of the members could use. The Publicity Secretary met with me and discussed the possibility of a website that the committee could use to keep in contact with everyone at the club and also establish a web presence to promote the club. This project is on going as we continue to develop the website further. Visit EURFC to keep up with results, fixtures, and the team as well as other events and news.

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Philip Wadler
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This is my current project - A Wiki for LaTeX. This is my final year Honours Project. It is designed completely on top of MediaWiki 1.15 however it uses LaTeX as the input syntax rather than traditional Wiki syntax. This project was designed to make collaborative LaTeX documents without the need for an SVN, as a Wiki allows full version control and change tracking.

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This is one of my first ever web projects, and looking back I was probably very naive in my approach to it. Large images with big file sizes were not a good idea for the internet. However the page had the desired look, and feel.